2023 Saiffang 7th Staff Sports Day

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In order to enrich the spare time life of the staff, enhance team cohesion and improve the physical quality of the staff, the company held the seventh sports meeting in the factory on April 29. The sports meeting started with fire drill, and then there were many sports items such as drumming and ball-bouncing, rope skipping, running and tug of war, which attracted many employees to participate actively.

At the site of the competition, the players quickly got into the state and showed their elegance under the whistle of the referee.

In the drumming game - the players coordinated their hands and feet so that the ball did not fall to the ground;

In the rope skipping competition - the athletes jumped rope like flying with light feet;

The runners sprinted to the finish line;

Tug of War - Players work closely together in team spirit;

After a fierce competition, the top three teams of each project were finally decided and were awarded respectively. All the employees in the plant got the souvenirs from the company;

The sports meeting not only enriched the amateur life of the staff, enhanced team cohesion and staff physical quality, but also showed the good corporate culture and corporate image of the company.